To: Aisiatar Abyligeiss

From: Rahai Ehveni

Well, now. I’m rather disappointed at recent news, but this missive shall be neither a lecture nor a lamentation. Well, perhaps a little of the latter.

Aisiatar, I do yet believe I can mend what I have done to you, but I cannot say the same for Ansel. He wrote a most interesting letter, and I do appreciate that he should let me know of Loptr’s end, but his mention of you was most interesting. Why would I come after you now, I wonder? Before, it was a means to an end, and he was that end. I could not bluff again in the same way as I did when last we all met.

Were you involved? No matter.

You are as living a creature as any. Who am I to belittle your pain? Your struggles? Your choices? I may gnash my teeth all day long and it won’t change a thing about this whole mess. What’s done is done. Perhaps Ansel did the world a favor. That does not mean I have to like it overly much. I am still angry.

I may not agree with your actions, Aisiatar, but you do not deserve to suffer for them as deeply as I made you suffer. For that, I am sorry.

Ansel, though. He needn’t fear, I’m sure, as we all know I am little match for him in raw strength. Anyone else would be unwilling to pursue this fight. If he believes I have allies who would understand why I hunt him, then he may rest easy at night. There is no great number of self-righteous knights gathering to bring about some silly justice; there is merely the one. I intent to illustrate to him that even the weak may prove themselves an inconvenience.

This letter, it happens, will likely irk him if you deign to share it. It’s an amusing thought to me.

Please stay out of my way, for Ansel’s sake.



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